Secure Store Service is important service, which is used to stores the credentials. In some cases, you need to connect to external data, SharePoint provides Business Data Connectivity service (BCS) to perform data mapping. And in this situation, you need configure Secure Store Service to define the credential, which will be used to connection via BCS.

To setup Secure Store Service Application, you need login Central Admin with Farm Administrator permission. You can also define which account will be used to run and configure SharePoint service application as well. It’s managed at Security page. From Central Admin, select Security from left navigation and select Configure managed accounts under General Security section

From Register Managed Account page, input username and password will be managed. Make sure that this account have write permission on Database server.

After created managed accounts, you can start to setup service applications. From Central Admin, click Application Management, then select Manage Service Applications under Service Applications section

In service application, select New from ribbon button and navigate to Secure Store Service in drop down menu.

From this menu, you can see that all service that you can setup, there are some new service applicatiions such as App Management Service, Machine Translation Service, Work Management Service Application. We will discuss about these later.

Select Secure Store Service from the menu, Create page will be show and allow you to entry configuration info as below. In Application Pool section, I would like create a general App Pool with managed user account above, so I can reuse this application pool for another service applications later.

Click OK and verify sucessfully message.

Well, everything seem simple and smooth, return to service applications page, there is Secure Store Service is now available.

I want to click and check the status, but something happened. System say “Cannot complete this action as the Secure Store Shared Service is not responding…”

Then I realized that the SharePoint Web Service Root was stopped as below image.

Let’s start it and run iisreset command. Then refresh Secure Store Service Application page, fortunately the issue was solved.

It’s require to Generate New Key

On the Generate New Key page, type a pass phrase in the Pass Phrase box, and type the same string in the Confirm Pass Phrase textbox. This pass phrase is used to encrypt the Secure Store database, then click OK.

That’s all, Secure Store Service is now ready for target application.

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