Nowaday more and more customer are choosing Office365 and SharePoint Online to host for their enterprise solution, Microsoft just announced about how to use Docker within the SharePoint Framework solution development. Docker provides you an easy way to run multiple different configurations for your SharePoint Framework development by providing isolation with virtualization.

Presentation covers following discussion points:

  • The added value of using docker in the SharePoint Framework development
    • You can easily host multiple different versions of SharePoint Framework in a single machine
    • You can isolate different tools and configurations
    • You can set up a standardized development environment for your team
    • Docker images are much more lightweight than classic virtual machines

This video shows following things:

  • Docker resources – where to get it?
  • Getting started with docker in your machine
  • Starting docker container in your machine
  • Running SharePoint Framework Yeoman template in the docker
  • Debugging SharePoint Framework solution which is running in docker

See following resources on the covered topics.

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