In this post, I would like to script configuration steps short and simple to enable My site with 4 primary steps.

– Create a My Site host site collection
– Add a wildcard inclusion managed path to the web application
– Enable self-service site creation for mysite web application
– Configure My Site in the User Profile service application

More options and another configurations such as

– Change MySite path
– Configure related service applications with My site
– Trusted host location
– Configure additional personal information in My Site
– Allow create subsite under my site
– Configure microblogging
– Etc…
You can find at Microsoft Technet

Before start, make sure you access Central Admin site with Farm Administrator permission.

1. Create a My Site host site collection
In this step, you need create site collection host which will be used as User home page, where they can update new status, sharing news, personal infomation,…like Facebook wall.

Login Central Administration and navigate to Application Management then click on Create Site Collections 


In Create Site Collections page, select Web Application you want to host My site and input configuration information as below


2. Add a wildcard inclusion managed path

Wildcard inclusion managed path adding will defined the path of my site url will be generate for each user and under mysite site collections. Go to Manage Web Application page, select My Site host and click Managed Paths button


Input the path and click Add Path and then OK to finished


3. Enable self-service site creation for mysite web application
Any user will have their own personal site, it’s required to create their site automatically whenever they login and access my site in the first time. Back to Manage Web Application page, click on My site host and click on Self-Service Site Creation ribbon button


And turn on this features


4. Configure My Site in the User Profile service application
My site settings will be managed by User Profile service application and it can be changed afterward


On the My Sites Settings page, Input Search settings to “Preferred Search Center” section, if you didn’t setup search service application, you can refer this post to get how to

Set others parameters appropriate with your environment, to understand these settings, click here


Finally, access your personal site via URL or About Menu from top right in any pages. Enjoy and discover more features!!!




Hoang Nhut Nguyen


Skype: hoangnhut.nguyen