Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 also knows as MOSS 2007 is now becoming familier with every body using Microsoft Office. It enables your team to create sub websites, personal sites to share documents, keep track your tasks, discussions, contacts, receive newsletters, communicate and others imformation.

Today, I will introduce to show you how easy to create a publishing website from SharePoint with many available features to make it collaborate

1.Create Web Application

a.From Start menu, focus to Microsoft Office Server, and select SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.

b.On Central Administration, choose Application Management. Application management screen show as below

c.Click Create or Extend Web Aplication and select Create a new Web Application link.

d.Create New Web Application page show with some information need to fill in

·Description: Should be fill some description about your website

·Port: Input Port number to run web application on IIS

·At Configurable, under Application Pool section, fill username and password will be used to manage this web app.

·Leave others default value and then Click OK to create Web Application

·Wait Operation in process ultil browser redict you to Application Created page. From this page, click on Create Site Collection link to continue create Site Collection on Web Application just created above

2. Create Site Collection

a.On Create Site Collection page. You can fill some information about your Web site as below.

b.At template selection section, we select Collaboration Portal under Publishing Tab

c.Fill Primary Administrator Username and Secondary Administrator Username

d.Click OK to complete create Site Collection.

e.Now, you can enjoy Collaboration publishing web site with some feature:


·Document Library

·Images Library



·Team Discussion



3. Customize Home page

a.Add Document Library to Home page

·From Home page, Select Site Actions, click on Edit Page

·Now you are checked out Default.aspx file for your modification. Click on Add a Web Part under Top Zone section

·Add Webpart Dialog appear, click on Advanced Web Part gallery and options to select find Document Library webpart

·From Add Web Parts on Right panel, click Filter and select Libraries, select Document and then click Add (make sure Add to drop down list has been selected Top Zone) to add Document Library webpart to Top Zone section.

b.Add Team Discussion webpart and Task webpart

From Add Web Part on Right panel, change Filter to Lists, and select Tasks to insert to Top Zone (or you can change another zone to change when the webpart will be place on). Do same step with Team Discussion.

c.Add Events webpart and show it as Calendar View

·From Add Web Part on Right Panel, select Event and Add to Top Zone.

·After that, select edit to show context menu from Event webpart

·Change Selected View and Zone index as below

·Click OK to see result.

·Now you can edit these webpart just added on home to change layout or display position on home page easily.

·Finally, to complete edit and publish for everybody.  Click Publish from the top menu of the page.

·Now you have a collaboration website with many usefull featers for your team or your department like this


1.Create a SharePoint Site:

2.Customize SharePoint site on Web browser:

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