Since released a beta version of Office 2010, you can forget the illegal versions on the Internet because you got a better offer from Microsoft now.

Office 2010 Beta testing is expected to finally begun. Technology enthusiasts who want to use the program in any way trying to get to beta. For this purpose, a non-secure versions sharing sites to reach the joy that employees have a story. Microsoft has opened to the public beta test program. Weeks before the fall releases on the Internet, published in this new version has bugs and security vulnerabilities.

To download SharePoint 2010 beta, you to start with a Windows Live account, as the company’s official site can download the Office 2010 with 32 and 64-Bit. This address together with the Microsoft Office 2010 SharePoint Server 2010, Visio 2010, Project 2010, Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 and Office Web Apps (Office web applications) you can download the beta versions.

If you gave the link with download messages from friends who said I wish I had friends. Now we have a situation like this. Because download link will be send to my e-mail address I have to enter the license key and I could not take all for coming.

The download process is quite simple, actually. Let me tell you make a step by step procedures, respectively.

1. Com to address
2. Choose Office 2010 or SharePoint 2010
3. On the following page, choose Download Trial
4. Then on the next page from drop-down on the page saying, we select the appropriate version of ourselves
5. Microsoft page will send out an email to your email address, going through the process of downloading from the link and install full featured software for 180-day trial

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