One of interesting Enterprise features in SharePoint 2013 is Managed Metadata. Some people asked me the frequently question “What is Managed Metadata Service Application in SharePoint?”.

Honestly, I love this service and ussually apply in SharePoint projects since it gives many advantages:

– Allow you to plan for all metadata as taxonomy then you can define where can use.

– Allow end user easy to select managed metadata from UI as auto complete box

– Users/Power Users/Administrator can easy to managed

– Navigation can be managed

– Search Services more power with related search and naviagation.

– …More interested things you can find out later.

Below steps will guide you how to set up Managed Metadata Service Application in SharePoint 2013. Just remind that we are testing on Preview version, so the RTM may be a little different.

To setup Managed Metadata Service Application you need administrator permission to login Central Administration page, then navagate to Service Applications page. Select New ribbon on the top left.

Select Managed Metadata Service, system will show Create New Managed Metadata service as below. Then input configuration information as below. In my case, I select existed application pool which was created in previous article Setup Secure Store Service Application

Click OK, and return Service Application page

Click on Managed Metadata Service proxy to open management page. But system will show the error message as below. Don’t worry, just recheck our SharePoint system.

Back to Application Management, select Manage Service on Server under Service Applications, just start Managed Metadata Web Service and then run iisreset on console command line

Then, refresh the page, Managed  Metadata Service Application should be ready to use.

As below snapshot, You can see that in SharePoint 2013, there are some new term sets such as Departments, Job Title, Location… These term set will be used by default in User Profile Service application to store for these information synchronization. In SharePoint 2010, Job Title stored in System/Keywords, but it’s not make sense since Job Titles is not keyword, and administrator usually re-mapping migrate to Job Title term set.

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