Since SharePoint 2010, User profile service application with some new features was introduced.
If you are a SharePoint IT Pro, you may ussually meet some troubles when setup User Profile Service Application 2010 since it’s based on Forefront Identity Manager infrastructure which allow synchronize user profile properties between Active Directory and SharePoint profile service application. It’s required an account which must have Replicating Directory Changes permission.
I had an trouble shooting article about these problems here

Back to SharePoint 2013, we have 2 options for User profile synchronization, that really awesome, beside FIM, we have another approaching, it’s simply “SharePoint Active Directory import”
In this post, I will go with this approaching and see what troubles during configuration.
1. Setup User Profile Service Application

Login Central Administration with Administrator permission and navigate to Service Application page.
Then select Create User Profile Service Application from below menu

Entry configuration information as below

Click Create to return Service Application page.

There is User Profile Service Application, click on its proxy to open management page. But I got the error message below

Just back to Service Application page, and click on Service on Server to see whether service is stopped and try to Start User Profile Service but don’t start User Profile Synchronization Service

Then run command line iisreset from console, User Profile Service Application should be ready after that.
2. Configure Active Directory import

In Sharepoint 2010, to import AD profiles we need configure User Profile Synchronization Service with ForeFont Identity Manager Service, but in SharePoint 2010, we will find some new options in synchronization setting.

Open Profile Service management page and click on Configure Synchronization Settings under Synchronization section.

We can see new option Use ShrePoint Active Directory import. Below picture show you where is differents between version 2010 and 2013.

Check Use SharePoint Active Directory import option, then continue config synch connections.

Return management page and click on Configure Synchronization Connections, and select Create New Connection

Fill connection information accordingly your domain name.

Start Profile Synchronization

Select Start Full Synchronization

After about 5-10 minutes, I got the result below.

Easier, faster, and have no errors…. User Profile Service Application was improved.


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