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One day, after the sweet dream, you come to the office and your intranet gone away. Do you ever have to face before?

– Your SharePoint server is interrupted and cannot wake up again

– Hard disk can not be recover or take a long time to get data back

– No data has been backup or it’s very old

– All daily working data are storing that intranet and can not access anymore

– BODs are crying or shouting and your mobile phone ringing

– …

Don’t let it happen for you. In this article, I would like tell you the backup and recovery strategy which I was archived for SharePoint farm in my company. Let’s see the below content.

1. Why backup SharePoint data
2. What data will be protected
3. Pros and Cons
– Farm Command Line Backup
– SQL Backups
1. Back up farm
2. Restore farm
1. Backup Content Database
2. Restore Content Database
1. Backup System Files
2. Restore System Files

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Why backup SharePoint data

Typically, you want to have a backup and recovery plan available before you deploy your SharePoint environment. Your backup and recovery plan must change as your SharePoint changes to protect your data.

The stages involved in planning for backup and recovery include determining backup and recovery strategies for a SharePoint Server environment and deciding which tools to use. The stages do not have to be done in the order listed, and the process may be iterative.

When you plan backup and recovery for disaster recovery, consider common events, failures, and errors; local emergencies; and regional emergencies. The sections in this article describe the stages that you must address in your backup and recovery plan. Each stage is a step toward the final goal of a good backup to use to recover your SharePoint farm. You can customize the stages to meet your needs. Note that you’re overall backup and recovery plan is dynamic and must reflect your SharePoint environment.

Below is situations may be caused and require restoring operation implementation

  • Hardware Failure
  • Data Center Destruction
  • Viruses, Worms, and Malicious Code
  • Human Actions
  • Data corruption

What data will be protected

Your business requirements will help you determine which components of the environment that you must protect, and the granularity with which you must be able to recover them.

The following table lists components of a SharePoint environment that you might decide to protect, and the tools that can be used to back up and recover each component.

  • Business critical application
  • Distributed architecture
  • Storage of content (documents and metadata) in single, locked down SQL database (SharePoint Content DBs)
  • Use as a document repository, knowledge management system, and collaboration tool makes metadata critical, and may have compliance implications

SharePoint components for backup and recovery

Component SharePoint backup SQL Server 2008 R2  and Cumulative Update 2 File system backup
Farm Yes
Service applications Yes
Web application Yes
Content databases Yes Yes
Site collection Yes Yes
Site Yes Yes
Document library or list Yes Yes
List item or document
Content stored in remote BLOB stores Yes Yes
Customizations deployed as solution packages Yes Yes
Changes to Web.config made by using Central Administration or an API Yes Yes
SharePoint configuration settings Yes
Customizations not deployed as solution packages Yes
Changes to Web.config not made by using Central Administration or an API Yes
IIS configurations not set through SharePoint 2013 Yes
SQL Server Reporting Services databases Yes

Pros and Cons

Farm Command Line Backup


  • Command line migration utility, can be used to migrate a copy of a site and hence back it up


  • Not full fidelity backup, will lose some customization and security settings when migrating contents
  • PowerShell be executed locally by administrators with proper permissions


SQL Backups


  • Familiar backup operation
  • Backs up entire content databases


  • No granularity on backup, entire database needs to be backed up at highest frequency required to meet SLA
  • No granularity on restore
  • Only backs up the DB, what about other SharePoint components?
  • Restore can be a long process



Hoang Nhut Nguyen

Email: nhutcmos@gmail.com

Skype: hoangnhut.nguyen

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