Today is a busy day for me. I’m so tired after comeback from BarCamp SaiGon but I have alot of things and many things has been updated for me.

Several days before, I just tried to estimate prices of SharePoint Enterprise Solution, and I would like share to all of you my experiences.

Firstly, to calculate prices of SharePoint solution is very complicated, require to integrate multiple of Microsoft products with many features and many prices of license. Beside that, we need concern more than about purpose of usage, type of company, Microsoft relationship or vendors…

All that things we need answer the question: “How much we need to pay for SharePoint solution planning?”. More than that, you need all employees of your company use FAST Search features, for example, its necessary to pay more than for this feature,  for hosting application servers…

Ok, so we start with licensing policy. If we apply for SharePoint 2010 environment, there’re 2 situation for your company maybe:

  • Server + CAL licenses for internal users – use for intranet purpose. In this case, we need to by for CAL (Client Access License) for each end user to access to SharePoint server. If you need Enterprise features, you need buy for Standard CAL before upgrade to Enterprise CAL.
  • Internet site server licenses for external users – In this case, we need buy license for each server run with SharePoint 2010 on farm. In this solution, we no need to buy CAL and Internet Sites Standard licsence allow all sites run on one unique domain.

FAST Search License

FAST Search provide optimized performance for search features but you need to pay license for each FAST Search server. Of course, you can use only one server for all license. For example, If we need to setup Intranet for your company and public one website, we can apply SharePoint 2010 Server for SharePoint 2010 Internet Site in only one server. About License FAST Search, we can use for SharePoint 2010 server, with this way, we can reduce prices for hardwares but we need license for SharePoint Server and FAST Search.

About the prices, I just mention about SharePoint licenses and don’t count for others software (MS Offices, Windows Server, SQL Server for example. You can refer to attached file for details of all MS products license prices).

*You need buy Standard CAL first, after that you can buy for Enterprise CAL  

Let I try solution with Standard Licsence and Internal use only, we have 3 server in farm

  • Web Front-End (WFE)/Application server
  • SQL server
  • SharePoint 2010 server
  • 1.000 user

Prices: 2 x 4800$ = 9.600$ (SharePoint 2010 Server) + 1.000 user x 93,5$ = 93.500$
If we need FAST Search on one server (21.800$), Enterprise CAL (82,6$ /user) to access and use this features.
Sum are: 9.600$ + 93.500$ + 21.800$ + 82,6$ x 1000 = 207.500$.

In another solution, we have a server run with SharePoint 2010 to build up a website and public to Internet. We also have 3 server in farm:

  • WFE/Application server
  • SQL server
  • SharePoint 2010 server

SharePoint license: 2 x 11.700$ = 23.400$ ( SharePoint 2010 Internet Site Standard)
FAST Search license for SharePoint 2010 Internet Site Enterprise: 2 x 42.000$ = 94.000$.

Above is example for SharePoint license estimation, for more details Microsoft products license fee you can refer to Microsoft Prices Table

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