In connected world today, you can see how the social network changed the way we communicate, sharing message, personal daily activities… and the way we work together.
Almost younger people joinned to social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. They stay connect with many people who have same interesting and their friends, they rapidly update information and many thing become easier and simplifier. They can become more global, more mobile, more effectively in get things done.
More important is that they are new workforce generation.

Most organizations today have realized that the business is same. Simply that effective of work is get things done and fast decide, work with team need more smoothly and reduce distant of geographies.
And many more benefits which was considered by business leader and make them think about strategy of collaboration, how to manage communication, infomation and contents.
They are already building corporate communication and make employees social. But how long was take for their corporate social network and how much they was paid?

On June 25 2012, Microsoft acquired Yammer, a leading provider of enterprise social networks, for $1.2 billion in cash. At the same time, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 was introduced with powerfull new social features. At the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas they announced that will change the pricing structure to bring more value to the product and I belived SharePoint Server 2013 have affordable rate for your business. You can find more case studies from France Telecom (Orange), Infosys, Ford, EA Sport, Walcomm, Sony,…. for their social community stories. And 10 Great Social Features For Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Today, continue SharePoint 2013 series, I would like guide you how to setup SharePoint Social Community in SharePoint 2013.

– Part 1: Setup User Profile Serivce and import enterprise user profiles

– Part 2: Setup Customize Enterprise User Properties

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